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EVALARM Tablet Version - Features

The Tablet App offers different features than the Web Console or the Smartphone App.


The Tablet App cannot trigger alarms - only receive them.

The Tablet App offers an overview of all connected locations. This feature is used by institutions like the fire department in order to directly connect to the regional companies and receive all the neccessary information in case of an emergency.

The crisis management team has access to all relevant contacts, maps and documents.


The recipients of these documents and contacts in the Tablet App can be easily configured.


Company Overview

With EVALARM you can handle several locations and companies simultaneously.

You can always clearly see active alarms and view the alarm details.

Alarm Overview

The alarm list will show all alarms sent to the Tablet App.

The includes alarm details such as the alarm location, the alarm status, attachments, alarm level and additional information.

FACP - Graphic Annunciator View

If EVALARM is connected to a technical interface such as a FACP, all texts can be viewed.

This could include location or time of the alarm. You are also able to view details on malfunctions etc.

Building Plans

EVALARM can store building plans and route maps that are shown automatically in case of an alarm.


It is important that these maps are downloaded before hand.

Contact Lists

You can link users of the Tablet App to specific contact lists, specific to each alarm type.


You can also view documents specific to alarms and users in the EVALARM Tablet App.

All documents are stored on the tablet in an encrypted form and are only shown during an active alarm. You can configure individually, which documents are shown to whom in which case.

This enables you to view all relevant documents such as emergency plans on you mobile tablet. The distributions is centralized in the back end.

Mobile alerting - swift and reliable

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