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Control Center


The control center can be used for one or more locations of a group of companies. 

In addition, there is the option of using the control center across companies (fire brigade, service company, operations control system, etc.).

Networked communication

In all cases it is possible to define process-related which events are to be displayed in the control center. This means that there are almost no limits to comprehensive networked communication.  

Active participation

The user in the control center can actively intervene in the processing and process the corresponding events if necessary. The control center is therefore also suitable as a stand-alone solution.  

Location-independent availability

EVALARM is cloud-based, which means that access to the control center does not require large investments and can be done anywhere. Of course, EVALARM meets the highest demands in terms of availability, security and revision security.  


EVALARM offers a web-based control center. All alarms and events are displayed here in real time. 

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  • Alerting  Real time

  • Escalation / de-escalation

  • Generate automatic alarm reports with just one click

  • Connection of technical systems 

  • Company overview for all events

  • Audit-proof documentation

  • Platform independent 

  • Cross-location company location

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