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Inspections & Perimeter Service

Digital Guard Control System

The digital guard control system from EVALARM has all the important functionalities and has been developed for use in a building or in the area service. You can find out more about the digital guard control system and how security companies use it here .

Control points and puncture points

Control points can be read in with standard NFC, QR and barcodes. Test instructions and important documents can be stored for each control point. Photos and comments can be captured at each control point.  

Offline availability

The control points can be edited at any time, even if there is no internet connection. All activities are logged with a time stamp and transferred as soon as the connection is available again.  


With the "Tours" module, patrols in a property or in the inspection service are logged in an audit-proof manner. A complete report can also be generated automatically at the end of each tour.  

GEO position 

If desired, there is the possibility of documenting the GPS data for a tour.    

100% free - license for up to 3 users free of charge!


  • Control scan (NFC, QR, barcode)

  • Organizer 

  • Test instructions

  • Documents on individual tasks

  • Real-time synchronization 

  • protocol

  • GEO position (optional)

  • Offline editing

  • Automatic reporting function

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