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A large number of people move around airports every day and unplanned incidents can occur at any time, which affect regular operations.


The structure of mobility, shopping and gastronomy increases the complexity at airports in emergency and crisis situations. 

EVALARM for airports

Through the synchronous distribution of information as well as the targeted assignment of tasks and their current status in real time, EVALARM enables systematic and location-independent communication in emergency and crisis situations.  


With the connection of technical systems such as fire alarm systems, building management systems, conveyor belts, elevators, etc. EVALARM creates a holistic real-time overview of the current situation at the airport.  


Recurring patrols and inspections can be carried out and documented in a structured manner with EVALARM.  


EVALARM also offers the option of tenants / shops or airport employees registering themselves and also being integrated into the alarm system in specific scenarios.  


We would be happy to prepare a personal offer for you:

100% free - License free for up to 3 users!

Best practice scenarios

  • Fire

  • Flight cancellations / bed availability hotels

  • First aid 

  • Evacuations

  • Alerting the emergency team 

  • Crisis team communication and operations control system

  • Technical difficulties 

  • Air emergencies / air accidents 

  • Drones /  Flocks of birds 

  • Violent passengers 

  • Terror / amok 

  • Cyberattacks 

  • Bus management

  • Post-alarm fire brigade

  • Safety inspections

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