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Building evacuation

Evacuation of buildings with EVALARM

In the event of a building being evacuated, alerting those open to the public and safely evacuating the building are the top priorities. With EVALARM, you coordinate your emergency team in real time and ensure that all those affected are alerted in a qualified manner. The alarm can be sent on mobile devices (app) or directly via PC. Ensure the necessary transparency and use all the advantages of EVALARM.  

Advantages for those affected:

  • Localization of the danger location

  • Decision support for escape route

  • Differentiation between acoustic alarms

  • Optical alarm (deaf)

  • SOS alarm if you do not leave the building  can be

  • All clear / return to work

Advantages for those responsible for evacuation:

  • Those responsible for evacuation or floor can "report" their area

  • Current overview in real time of the evacuation status

  • Display building cards with not cleared  Areas

  • Involvement of the fire brigade

If the organizational and technical requirements are met, you can also use EVALARM to add individual persons to the evacuation list.

This is how evacuation of a building works with EVALARM


  • Alerting employees & emergency team

  • Full evacuation list available for mobile use

  • Missing person reporting to missing persons

  • Exchange of information in real time

  • Evacuation via QR / NFC scan

  • Optical alarm (deaf)

  • Real-time synchronization 

  • Clearance status for individual areas

  • Approval after hazard elimination 

  • Protocol & report 

  • Mobile feedback

  • Exercise scenarios

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