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Visitor management

With the EVALARM visitor management you get everything you need to organize your visitor management.  


All inlet and outlet events are documented and forwarded to those responsible in real time.

Integration of existing technology

Simply continue to use your existing visitor badges. NFC tags, QR and barcodes can be reused immediately and integrated into our visitor management.

WEB cockpit

With the EVALARM web cockpit you always have an overview of which visitors are currently on the site  

Automatic evacuation list

In the event of an evacuation or evacuation of the building, registered visitors are automatically placed on the evacuation list. In this way you can keep track of every situation. 


  • Recording of all visitors including time stamp

  • Check-in and check-out via NFC tags, barcodes or QR

  • Automatic listing in the event of evacuation

  • Adjustment of visiting times via smartphone

  • Creation of permanent guests

  • Warning if the planned visit time is exceeded

  • Documentation about safety instructions &  Nondisclosure Statements

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