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Shopping center

Due to the public traffic and the different tenants, public buildings such as shopping centers face special challenges in the area of emergency management.

A qualified alerting of the emergency team on site as well as the tenants is of decisive importance for the competence to act.


It is all the more important that all the necessary information is available as quickly as possible to the people involved in the event of an emergency.

EVALARM for shopping centers

Example fire alarm:

In the event of a fire alarm, verification must take place in a shopping center as quickly as possible. With EVALARM, those responsible receive the fire alarm immediately on their mobile device.

Fire brigade route maps and the information of the triggering detector can be viewed here at any time. The reporting location also flashes in a building overview plan. The result of the verification is forwarded to all those responsible in real time.



Example of a technical malfunction:

In the event of technical malfunctions, rapid alerting in shopping centers plays a major role, as this can significantly impair public traffic. For this reason, technical error messages must be sent to the technician involved as quickly and securely as possible. There must be an overview of the pending disruptions in the center at all times.


Thanks to public access and social media, it is very important for those responsible to react as quickly as possible in order to prevent further non-material damage. Emergency events must reach the crisis team as quickly as possible with the latest information.

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Best practice scenarios

  • Fire

  • Evacuation / evacuation

  • Technical difficulties 

  • Medical emergencies

  • Bomb threat / terror

  • Violent visitors 

  • Fault messages building management system 

  • Break-ins 

  • Property damage 

  • Burglar alarm systems

  • Door monitoring

  • Emergency button (silent alarm)

  • Alerting the crisis team

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