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Fire protection


Mobile alerting


Informing the fire department


Visualization of the alarm location


Connection of fire alarm systems

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Every second counts! The fastest possible reaction and intervention are decisive for the extent of damage in an emergency.

Mobile alerting - the fastest possible intervention

With EVALARM, detailed alarm information is distributed to all those involved and emergency helpers in the event of a fire. EVALARM offers you a tool for the entire intervention process, displaying the reporting location in a building overview plan and the associated fire department route map for immediate localization, through secure communication , to real-time status of tasks to be carried out and the involvement of the fire department.   

Technical connection of the fire alarm system

The connection and monitoring of fire alarm systems is effortless, regardless of the manufacturer. The transmission is mapped redundantly and securely. The status of the transmission is monitored with the corresponding security processes (watchdog).  

Escalation or de-escalation 

An emergency situation is always dynamic. This makes it all the more important to be able to react to any situation regardless of location. With the escalation levels of EVALARM, the situation can be assessed in the event of a fire and escalated or de-escalated as required. But this is not only used for informational overview. Depending on the setup, further alarm processes are automatically triggered in EVALARM after the escalation level has been selected. An example of this could be a false positive alarm. All associated tasks are distributed to the stakeholders in real-time and the necessary processes are initiated automatically.    

Emergency documents - up-to-date and independent of location

With EVALARM you can provide the emergency team and those affected with all the required information, documents and building plans. Distribution and updating are carried out automatically via the EVALARM administration. This ensures that documents and plans are always up-to-date .

Coordinated action - all tasks at a glance

EVALARM makes the task lists to be completed available to those responsible, both mobile and in the control center. The task status is synchronized in real-time between the users. This means that your team can work on a task list simultaneously and there is always an up-to-date overview of the task status.  

Provide all those responsible and those affected with the correct information and ensure quick and safe action 




Building information

Contact lists

Building evacuation


Emergency team

Reporting location

Building information

Contact lists

Building evacuation


Emergency team

Reporting location



Fire alarm

Time / risk / cost

Building evacuation - Maximum transparency

The fastest possible evacuation of the affected areas is one of the most important tasks in the event of a fire. With EVALARM, the areas and employees to be cleared are tracked and displayed immediately, so that you always have a comprehensive overview of the situation. You can find out more about clearing buildings with EVALARM here .

Qualified information for employees - More safety

With EVLARM, employees are quickly alerted in the event of a fire. The alarm is sent to smartphones or PCs. This gives employees more orientation and security. EVALARM offers additional functions for the special alerting of employees with impaired hearing or vision.

Fire protection inspection digital 

With EVLARM you can plan your fire protection inspections and carry them out paperless with your smartphone. All tasks are forwarded to the responsible persons directly in EVALARM. After each task has been completed, it is conveniently acknowledged via the app. Each process is documented in an audit-proof manner and is subsequently available in the system for an evaluation. With our automated reporting function, you can also export your documentation for each event in a matter of seconds.

100% free -  License for up to 3 users free of charge!


  • Escalation & de-escalation

  • Mobile evacuation

  • Emergency documents & fire brigade maps available on the move

  • Connection to FAS

  • Involvement of the fire department

  • Automatic alarm forwarding

  • Mobile tasks & contact lists

  • Fire protection inspection

  • On-Call groups

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