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Connection via the EVABOX



Potential free

EVALARM mobile Alarmierung
EVALARM Alarm- und Notfallkommunikation
Alarmierung Push-Notification
Alarmierung Schulen
Leitstand Alarmierung
Alarmierung Feuerwehr

Plug and Play

With EVALARM, fire warning and fire alarm systems can easily be connected in a few minutes.  



Our smart transmission unit for connecting technical systems.

The EVABOX can monitor different systems via 4 x USB interfaces and transmit their messages to the EVALARM system. ESPA 4.4.4 and ASCII (Plain Text) are supported as protocols. In addition, systems can be connected via potential-free contacts.


The data exchange between the EVABOX and the EVALARM system takes place via a secure WebSocket connection via HTTPS. An outgoing internet connection is required to transfer the data.

If a connection via LAN is available, this is used with priority. If the connection is broken, a check is made to determine whether an LTE modem is available. If so, only then will a connection be established via the LTE modem to the EVALARM system. If this cannot be successfully established either, an SMS is optionally sent in an emergency.

Automatic error messages

EVALARM monitors the connection to the fire alarm technology and automatically creates a fault message if the connection to the EVABOX is interrupted or disturbed. If the connection from the EVABOX to the EVALARM system is disrupted, a corresponding error message is also automatically generated.

SMS / Email

If the BWA or BMA already sends an SMS or e-mail, these can be received and processed by EVALARM.  

Serial interfaces / protocols

EVALARM can process different protocols (ESPA 4.4.4, Modbus, SIA, ASCII (Plain Text), different manufacturer protocols).

Attention : The activation of your technical systems is also possible without our EVABOX.

However, the EVABOX simplifies the connection and offers additional added value.  

EVABOX Advantages

  • Easy connection

  • Redundant communication transmission (LAN / LTE / SMS) 

  • Manage up to 4 technical systems at the same time

  • Secure data exchange through authentication

  • Remote software update 

  • Optional redundant transmission paths

  • Alerting via potential-free contacts possible

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