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High risk companies and industry


Mobile Alarmierung


Einbindung Feuerwehr


Anzeige des Meldeortes


Anschluss von technischen Anlagen

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Reacting as quickly as possible and taking the right action are crucial for disruptions and emergency events. 

Risk & liability

Malfunctions in technical systems can represent a considerable financial risk as well as a threat to human life and are therefore always a liability issue.  

For this reason, industrial companies and, in particular, major accident companies are legally obliged to draw up a hazard prevention plan.  

State-of-the-art security plan

With EVALARM, companies can map the hazard prevention plan using the current state of the art.  

Conventional or outdated emergency response plans that are not state-of-the-art always pose a significant risk in an emergency.  

Fastest possible and safe alerting  

The fastest possible alert with the right information is a prerequisite for doing the right things as quickly as possible. With EVALARM you can reach everyone involved and affected (employees, emergency and crisis teams, neighboring companies, residents, etc.) as quickly as possible on different channels (push messages, PC alarm, SMS, email) - and at any location.
Since emergency situations are often dynamic situations, correct action is only possible with up-to-date information. Conventional or outdated communication strategies (eg telephone chains, SMS) no longer correspond to the state of the art and the requirements of fault and alarm management.

Intervention as soon as possible

EVALARM enables the fastest possible intervention. The reporting location can be shown automatically in a building overview plan (e.g. fire detector flashes in the building overview plan). Additional information such as the correct fire brigade route cards are available automatically and regardless of location (mobile devices and web-based control center).  

Real-time overview of all tasks

Tasks in the emergency response plan can be displayed, acknowledged and shared between those responsible in real time in EVALARM. This ensures that all tasks are processed efficiently and that no task is forgotten and that the necessary transparency exists.

Current emergency documents

Furthermore, all important emergency documents are available in real time in the most up-to-date form, regardless of location.


Integration of external units

A special feature of EVALARM  is that alarms and the corresponding information can also be made available to external units (e.g. fire brigade). For example, the fire brigade can see the FAT, the reporting location in the building overview plan and the corresponding fire brigade route maps as soon as they arrive.  

In addition to hazard alarm systems, all other technical systems can also be connected.  

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Implemented scenarios

Emergency scenarios:

  • fire

  • Hazardous substance leakage (ammonia, CO2, etc.)

  • explosion

  • Building evacuation  

  • First aid  

  • Crisis team alerting / communication

  • Single place monitoring / dead man's switch

Fault management for technical systems:

  • BMS malfunctions

  • Elevators

  • Doorways

  • Production machines (IOT)

  • Alarm systems

Inspections (patrols)

  • Fire protection (fire extinguishers, sprinklers, etc.)

  • Escape and rescue routes (fire protection)

  • Closure control  ​

  • Perimeter protection (fence patrol)

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