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Digital guard control system



Territory & property protection


Digital guard book

VdS 2172 compliant


Operations control system (ELS)


Intervention service

That is why our customers choose EVALARM 


In order to meet the quality requirements of the customer, security companies will no longer be able to do without digital solutions in the future. EVALARM offers a platform with all important functionalities from a single source.

Real added value, differentiation and customer loyalty

Conventional digital solutions for security companies focus on internal processes. EVALARM is holistically designed to include customers in your processes. This means that there are no additional costs and the customer immediately benefits from the advantages that you can offer with EVALARM. At the same time, you differentiate yourself from the competition and create stronger customer loyalty. All these added values not only ensure an increase in quality, but also in income.  

Complete alarm management

The range of functions of EVALARM includes a complete alarm and emergency management. In this way, events can not only be documented, but all recipients stored in the alarm plan can also be fully automatically informed. All event-related tasks from the alarm plan are distributed to the responsible security staff using EVALARM. The acknowledgment of the tasks takes place via smartphone and is done in real time  synchronized between the users at the control center.

This is how security companies work with EVALARM

Digital security chain (intervention & disposition)

With the functions of our alarm management system, EVALARM covers all standard requirements for the digital security chain. Starting with the disposition, intervention forces are given the opportunity to accept or reject alarms and are monitored and secured for the entire course of the intervention. In our web cockpit we provide a real-time overview of all alarm events and their handling. If the danger situation changes, the necessary measures to support the security staff can be initiated immediately. Alarm-related action plans and documents are available on the go for the duration of the deployment. In order to forward all important information to the right group of people as quickly as possible, we offer the option of involving customers directly in the intervention. The customer can actively follow how, what and when something happens. That creates transparency and trust.

Technical systems & alarm receiving points

The connection of technical systems is part of a holistic mapping of the security chain. 

EVALARM incorporates technical systems such as intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems or building control systems into your alarm management with little effort. Signals are sent to and forwarded to our system. The same applies to connection to certified alarm receiving centers. The interface we created processes the signals bidirectionally and ensures cross-system communication including feedback to the triggering system.  


All alarms and events are documented in an audit-proof manner in EVALARM, including the time stamp. In addition, we relieve our customers of the time-consuming preparation of alarm reports. With the automatic alarm report, the desired document is automatically generated as required and is immediately available.  

Digital Guard Control System

For our security customers, we have expanded the functional scope of EVALARM to include a guard control system. Tours and patrols are conveniently carried out with a smartphone (Android / IOS). The input of the control point scans is flexible and includes all common formats such as QR / barcode, RFID. If there are important documents for the tour, they are available on the go in the EVALARM app. In order to properly record irregularities, we use the camera and recording functions of your smartphone. Images, videos and voice messages that have been created are saved as attachments and are still available after the tour has ended. In order to provide evidence, every inspection round is documented in our system and can be followed live while it is being carried out.     

Electronic guard book

The electronic guard book completes our mobile solution for the security industry. Depending on the occasion and event, EVALARM offers the possibility of alarming and forwarding information in a targeted manner. Here, too, the  The camera and recording functions of your smartphone can be used to create images, videos or voice files and attach them to an alarm event. In addition to the standard documentation of all events, the electronic guard book also includes key management. This records exactly who was given which key and when.  

Corporate management support (BI)

In addition to the well-known range of functions, EVALARM supports our customers in their business management. All events, incidents and other company-related key figures are analyzed and evaluated with the help of our business intelligence solution. In this way we guarantee compliance with and increase in quality standards for customers.  

With EVALARM, we do not see ourselves in competition with existing market participants, but are going a different way in order to generate more quality, benefits and new profit margins for you.

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