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Digital guard book


Recording of all events 

With EVALARM, all events are recorded in an audit-proof manner. The recording can be done conveniently both in the web-based cockpit and on mobile devices.  An event report is automatically generated for each recorded event.  

Separate data management - for more security

The digital guard book is client-oriented, so that each property and each customer has separate access. This ensures that only authorized persons can inspect the object.

Automatic notification according to the alarm plan

By defining the alerting / notification processes, the persons to be notified can be automatically notified. Time-consuming phone calls are a thing of the past.  

Customer access

With EVALARM it is possible to grant the customer and the property manager access rights.

Central overview of all objects

All events from the individual objects are available in our central control room in real time. It is thus possible to react appropriately to the event and the situation. This enables you to react to critical events as quickly as possible and support employees on site .  


  • Record all events on one platform

  • Automatic reporting function

  • Central overview of all objects

  • Separate data management

  • Direct involvement of the customer

100% free -  License for up to 3 users free of charge!

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