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Security Service intervention

EVALARM for the intervention service

The intervention service is an important component in the digital security chain.

EVALARM offers intervention services a complete operations control system (ELS). The ELS fulfills the requirements for hazard management systems and intervention services according to the VdS standards (VdS 3534 & VdS 2172). EVALARM can also communicate with the control centers and exchange data via suitable interfaces (NSL VdS 3138-2).  

Cost reduction through smart processes

EVALARM enables a variety of process optimizations. Starting with the direct distribution of information to everyone involved, through the direct connection to the control center, to the automated disposition of the intervention forces, EVALARM is a holistic tool for the modern intervention service. Significantly reduce your costs.  


Support intervention force

The intervention force is optimally supported with EVALARM. Important time stamps for e.g. the journey to and from the protected object are automatically set and documented. All object information and tasks are digitally available to the intervention force. The tasks can be acknowledged manually. All report-relevant events are digitally recorded in EVALARM simply by attaching a photo, video or voice. In addition, you can protect the intervention force during use with the dead man's switch.   

All information and actions are transmitted in real time to an operations control system (ELS). This guarantees the monitoring and safeguarding of the intervention force for the entire operation.   

Control centers & partners

EVALARM can act with several control centers at the same time. Alarms are scheduled manually or automatically and forwarded for intervention. The intervention service therefore only needs a mobile app.

Important : EVALARM provides the emergency control system (ECS) for intervention services free of charge for up to 3 intervention workers to disposal.

100% free -  License for up to 3 users free of charge!


  • Complete control system (ELS)

  • Easy connection to the control center

  • Automatic disposition of the intervention forces

  • Connection of technical systems

  • Automatic time recording for approach and arrival at the object

  • Automatic alarm  Forwarding

  • Mobile task / contact lists

  • Cost reduction

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