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Alarm & emergency management


Building evacuation & evacuation


Convene crisis team


All kinds of alarms & scenarios


Targeted distribution of information

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A quick reaction and safe action are the decisive success factors in emergency situations. 

Building evacuation & evacuation

When a building is evacuated, every second counts to get people out of the dangerous situation. EVALARM offer you all the important functions on one platform so that you can act quickly and in a coordinated manner. Those affected are alerted on the move and in real time. During the entire process, evacuation workers and those responsible can follow all status changes and other important information live and share them with each other. You can find out more about building evacuation and evacuation with EVALARM here .

Convene crisis team

Emergencies and crises often require the meeting of a crisis team or crisis team. Where , when and how this takes place is usually shown in a cumbersome manner by calling individual people. EVALARM specializes in a fast, secure and redundant flow of information. Alert and coordinate your crisis team effectively with EVALARM.  

All kinds of alarms and scenarios

With EVALARM you can easily configure your individual emergency scenarios yourself. You determine how the respective alarm and communication processes work. We are happy to support you in setting up and developing your individual emergency scenarios.  

Targeted distribution of information 

With EVALARM you can start and monitor any kind of emergency alarm in an emergency. The first step is always to alert everyone involved and emergency helpers in real time. During the entire process, EVALARM ensures the necessary flow of information and communication via PC, smartphone and tablet.

This is how alarm & emergency management works with EVALARM

Alerting & situation report in real time 

EVALARM is more than an alert. With EVALARM you exchange all important information bi-directionally with the emergency team and those affected - in real time and regardless of location. Emergency situations can be escalated or de-escalated via the alarm levels and further processes can be initiated automatically. All important information including attachments (e.g. photos, video, etc.) can easily be shared using the additional information.

Cross-location overview in the control center

EVALARM is client-oriented. There is also the possibility of cross-location alarms. With the web-based control center, you keep the overview you need in every situation.  

Documents and building plans

With EVALARM you can provide the emergency team and those affected with the required documents and building plans in a targeted manner. This ensures that all important documents and plans are always up-to-date. In the event of a fire alarm, the reporting location can be automatically displayed in a building plan with the associated fire brigade route maps.

Tasks and instructions for action

Coordinated and coordinated action is of particular importance in emergency situations. For this purpose, EVALARM provides the actors with task lists and instructions for action. Specific tasks can be processed and acknowledged by the emergency team. The current status is transmitted to your emergency team in real time during the entire process. This means that there is always an overview of the processing status of all tasks, regardless of location.  

Contact lists

In addition to the documents and tasks, all important contact lists, differentiated for each event, are also available in EVALARM. Thanks to the central administration, you can implement changes immediately and ensure that all data is up-to-date.  

Audit-proof documentation & reporting

All actions and events are logged in an audit-proof manner. A corresponding report is available for each event. Furthermore, all alarm logs can be conveniently exported and processed in other applications.  

Technical equipment

EVALARM incorporates technical systems such as intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems or building control systems into your alarm management with little effort. Signals are sent to and forwarded to our system. The same applies to connection to certified alarm receiving centers. The interface we created processes the signals bidirectionally and ensures cross-system communication including feedback to the triggering system. 

100% free -  License for up to 3 users free of charge!


  • Alerting in real time

  • Escalation / de-escalation

  • Mobile task / contact lists

  • Connection of technical systems

  • Convene crisis team

  • evacuation

  • SOS alarm

  • Security tours

  • Cross-location company location

  • Standby groups

  • Single station monitoring

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