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Reporting & Analytics

One step ahead with the necessary transparency

Audit-proof logging

All events, alarms and corresponding actions are logged in an audit-proof manner and can be evaluated accordingly.  

Automatic alarm report

For each event and alarm, a standardized PDF report is automatically created at the end.

Excel export

In addition, all relevant data for a period can be conveniently downloaded as an Excel file.  

Microsoft Power BI

With the Microsoft Power-BI Adapter it is possible to import all data into Microsoft Power-BI and evaluate it with the full range of functions. You are welcome to use the predefined dashboards or design your own.  

This means that there are almost no limits to the subject of reporting.  

We would be happy to prepare a personal offer for you

100% free -  License for up to 3 users free of charge!


  • Audit-proof logging

  • Automatic alarm report 

  • Connection to MS-Power-Bi

  • Comprehensive evaluation using the MS Power BI functions

  • Easy Excel export for relevant data 

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