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Industries and areas of application

Cross-industry and cross-event - but special nonetheless

EVALARM can be used regardless of industry or event. However, there are industries and areas of application that pose special challenges. EVALARM provides the right solution for this.

Industry & High risk


Incident companies are legally obliged to draw up alarm and hazard prevention plans. The operational alarm planning must ensure that, in the event of damage, all important people and offices are adequately informed and informed about current developments. Once the alarm has been issued, the internal security measures must be coordinated.

EVALARM fulfills all aspects of alarming and communication to avert danger.

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Fire protection


EVALARM offers the solution for fault, alarm and emergency management in the area of fire protection. All messages from the fire alarm or fire alarm system are specifically transmitted to those responsible. The reporting location is displayed in a building overview plan with the corresponding fire brigade route maps, which enables the fastest possible intervention.  

With EVALARM you can escalate or de-escalate the processes and reach all those responsible and those affected in a few moments.

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Due to the international public traffic and the high security requirements, airports face particular challenges in the area of prevention and alarm and emergency management.
The fastest possible alerting of all those responsible and those affected with the coordinated information content is of decisive importance.

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Due to the public traffic and the different tenants, public buildings such as shopping centers face particular challenges in the area of emergency management. A qualified alerting of the emergency team on site as well as the tenants is of decisive importance for the competence to act.  

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Group & branch companies


The task of corporate security is to efficiently counter possible threats by means of alarm and hazard prevention plans. 
EVALARM offers the necessary cross-company alerting and emergency communication platform.

The extensive functionalities and modules ensure added value in the company and thus also contribute to cost savings.  

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Security company


EVALARM offers security companies a digital platform for use in property protection, district and intervention services.  

EVALARM provides all the necessary basic functionalities such as a digital watch book, patrols or a VdS 2172 compliant intervention.  

With EVALARM, security companies can offer their customers real added value, differentiate themselves from the competition and thus retain customers and generate additional income.  

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