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Alarm & emergency management

Alarm & emergency management

With EVALARM you implement the alerting and communication processes of your emergency management

Incident management & technical systems

Incident management
technical equipment

With EVALARM you can connect technical systems and manage their messages.

Building evacuation

Building evacuation

With EVALARM you can evacuate a building. You can report persons or areas as vacant.

Fire protection

EVALARM enables immediate reaction, communication and the initiation of necessary measures during a fire

Building evacuation

Building evacuation

Building evacuation

Fire protection

Inspection rounds & patrol service




Control rounds in the property or in the field service with the most modern functionalities

Digital guard book

Digital guard book

Experience​ Solution of all events including attachments (photo, video, etc.) in the cockpit or in the mobile APP. 

Intervention service

Intervention service

  • Alarm intervention according to Vds 2172

  • Mission report

  • Documentation photos, deployment information

Control room

Control room

In the control center you have an overview of all events and alarms across all locations

Threat & PC Alert



PC alarm

You can protect your employees with the PC alarm or emergency button.

Single place protection

Single-user protection

Protect employees in individual work in accordance with standards. 

Visitor management

Visitor management

Visitor management

EVALARM offers everything you need to manage your visitor management 


Visitor management

Connection with the EVABOX

Connect your fire alarm or fire alarm system to the EVABOX in just a few minutes.

Custom-fit & cross-industry
EVALARM was born out of practice. We combine the many years of experience of our customers with our state-of-the-art know-how and thus create the solutions for your industry. 

Alarm- und Notfallmanagement

Mobile app (Android & iOS)

user-friendly,  redundant, safe


Convene crisis team






Technical difficulties

mobile Alarmierung APP

SOS alarm

Überfall Alarmierung

Amok & Terror

Security Alarmierung




EVALARM enables secure and fast communication and ensures maximum transparency and the ability to act!  

100% free -  License for up to 3 users free of charge!

Web-based control center

All events and alarms in real time 

Triggering, processing and monitoring of alarms

Alarm logs & evaluation

Across all locations

central administration


More overview and ability to act. With the EVALARM control center you coordinate your employees and are always informed about all events. 

certified  Cloud service

Highest availability & security 

Security & Availability
EVALARM is offered as a high-availability, high-performance cloud solution in a certified German data center (ISO 27001). EVALARM meets the highest demands in terms of data protection. 

Hochverfügbare Alarmierung
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