EVALARM is a digital communication platform for emergency and crisis management.


With EVALARM you can notify all involved parties and provide the correct information such as contact lists, tasks and important documents.

EVALARM offers everything you need in the first phase of an emergency.

EVALARM is a web-based cloud service solution that can also be operated as an in-house solution in your own data center.

EVLARM communicates with mobile devices (Smartphones & Tablets) and other interfaces (e.g. alarm systems). EVALARM can be perfectly integrated into existing notification procedures.

With EVALARM all participants can be informed in a few seconds with the required information and documents.
In the web-based cockpit, there is at all times a complete overview available.

With EVALRM you can individually map your processes with workflows.

Important: EVALARM requires no programming, but can easily be configured in the web-console!


Mobile alerting - swift and reliable