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The technological development and the wide spread of mobile devices has substantially changed the way of our communication.
With the use of mobile devices, processes can be redesigned and improved in quality. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Adept use of mobile applications (Apps) can no longer be questioned.
A smartphone is much more than just a simple phone. The performance, integrated technology and sensors open up completely new opportunities.
EVALARM uses this technological development to ensure that the right information, with the right quality arrives at the correct destination.
EVALARM serves not only to alarm, but to provide those in charge with important information such as contact lists, task lists and important documents such as building plans, emergency manuals etc.

The use of mobile technology like EVALARM is a "must" if you want to optimize the processes of emergency and crisis management.

Advantages EVALARM

Alarmierung öffentliche Bereiche


Mobile Intervention Alarmierung

In emergency situations, a fast response is crucial.
With EVALARM it is possible to notify many people within a few seconds with specific information at any time, anywhere. The notification can be done in different ways (Push Notification, SMS, email).
The time-consuming search for the right contact list and the associated calling is therefore no longer necessary.
If an alarm system (for example, fire alarm system) is connected, further emergency information (e.g. fire brigade route maps, fire plan) can be provided within a few seconds to all those responsible on their smartphones or tablet devices.

That can reduce the response time to the absolute minimum, which can make a big difference.
The retrieving of contact lists, task lists (checklists), manuals, etc. is eliminated. The rescue group can start with the activities immediately.


The EVALARM communication platform is so flexible and simple designed, that it makes it suitable for small businesses, institutions and larger corporations.
The modular design makes it possible, to use exactly what you really need.

Alarmierung Leitstelle

Information Status

Emergency situations are usually dynamic situations. In order to ensure a targeted action, the responsible personel must always be informed about the current status of the Emergency.
With EVALARM you can escalate the alert status at any time and add more information to an alarm. This information can be shared within a few seconds.
An important advantage of EVALARM is that you can inform all concerned parties. Frequent false alarms hinder people from observing the conventional signals. With EVALARM you can therefore avoid misinterpretations.
EVALARM is multilingual.

Tasks and Action Points


The fastest alerting of concerned and responsible persons is very important.
After alerting, quick action is needed. Everyone must know what to do.
Certain tasks must be coordinated. This is not as easy as it sounds. Since emergencies do not belong to the daily life, checklists in paperform are used to help.
EVALARM offers with its mobile task lists and action notes another important help and advantage. Depending on the type of alarm, task lists and action points are available. Through the mobile confirmation of single tasks, there is a corresponding track of who has already done what task and what remains to be done.

Web Console

Alarmierung Leitstelle

EVALARM provides a web-based console for the administration.
In the web-based cockpit you can also trigger alarms. Although you have the necessary overview, which people have been notified, whether the received the alarm and if they "quit" or "rejected" the alarm.
You see further what tasks have already been completed and which tasks are still open.
An important advantage in the use of the cockpit is although, that it is available on a mobile device and can be therefore used from more people at the same time in different locations. 

Data Security and Availability

Data security and availability are obvious for us.
All EVALARM servers are located in a multi-award winning and certified data center in your country. Alternatively, you may EVALARM to operate in your own data center and so to use your own IT infrastructure.

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Mobile alerting - swift and reliable

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