EVALARM is modular and can be tailored to your specific needs.


The basic module can already efficiently communicate with the crisis team and external emergency services.
Features include:


  • Alerting the crisis team

  • Alarm confirmation

  • Alarm levels (escalation / de-escalation)

  • Alarm transmission to external units

  • Manual alarm via App, Web

  • Corporate Account with important information / functions

  • Unlimited alarm types

  • iOS App, Android App, Web Console



The module Com PLUS extends the basic module and allows to integrate further user groups, share more information and includes a variety of new features:

  • Alerting internal and external staff

  • Alerting puplic

  • Alerting via E-Mail

  • Alerting via SMS

  • Alerting via API

  • Task Lists (the task status is synchronized with the team) 

  • Contact Lists

  • Guest feature with Geo-Fence


Evacuation & SOS

The function supports the evacuation process for certain building sectors or an entire site. In addition, employee lists can be stored centrally, which are displayed in case of evacuation on the smartphone. The current status of the evacuation can be monitored in real time on the mobile device.

  • Mobile arrangement of evacuation 

  • Automatic evacuation lists

  • Flexible check-out by employees on smartphones (e.g. several assembly points, RFID, Access Control)

  • Display of evacuation on mobile

  • SOS alarms (internal/external staff)

EVALARM Evacuation


Dead Man's Switch & SOS

The “Dead Man’s Switch” module is a functional feature of EVALARM. It uses modern smartphone technologies (e.g. motion sensors, angle sensors, GPS data).

Users have to confirm their status within 15 minutes either manually or automated via the various sensors. The module will trigger an SOS Alarm with the corresponding Geo-location and alerts the pre-configured persons.

  • Secure workers also outside of regular work places or times

  • Automated alerting of pre-defined recipients via modern sensors

  • Flexible localisation via GPS or IP

  • SOS alarms (internal/external staff)

EVALARM Dead Man's Switch & SOS

Fire Department Tablet App

The Tablet App is the perfect extension for your crisis management. In addition to the alarms and contact lists, you can provide your crisis management with all the necessary documents.

  • Differentiated indications of individual alarms up to room level

  • Viewing zones and the associated fire brigade route-, overview-, terrain- and local-maps

  • Firefighter display panels with the entire message history

  • Viewing event-related contacts

  • Crisis documents

EVALARM Fire Department Tablet App

Visitor Management

A modern emergency has to include visitors, customers and external service personell. EVALARM gives you an overview of all affected persons during a crisis and keeps track of the visiting times. It is also possible to connect to access control systems via the open EVALARM alarm interface.

  • Log visitors

  • One-time and repeat visitors

  • Automated evacuation lists in the EVALARM Evacuation module

  • Warning for over-extending visitors

  • Visitor log report

EVALARM Visitor Management

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