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                              What counts?                                                       

Ability to Act, Availability, Redundancy

In emergency and crisis situations there is always pressure for time and action. The emergency and crisis management must therefore be organized so that no time is lost in the information and action processes.

A modern emergency management also has to integrate a variety of data protection and safety guidelines and comply with numerous norms. This is especially important with regards to the EU-GDPR that is legally binding from May 2018. 


We know what matters - when it matters - because EVALARM has been developed with the newest technologies from practice and has been proven repeatedly.


With EVALARM you ensure, that all parties have the right information, as soon as possible and in any location (mobile) available.


The first 20 minutes of a emergency situation are crucial to the outcome of a crisis. A dangerous situation or crisis can ONLY be successfully managed, if everyone involved and responsible, get the right information as soon as possible.


You can quickly and easily map your internal alarm and emergency scenarios in a few steps.


EVALARM supports you not only in the processes of operational emergency management, but also offers completely new possibilities in communication.


The important information are available anytime- anywhere due to the redundant combination of our cloud solution and mobile interfaces.

Data Protection

EVALARM was developed with the requirements of modern data protection guidelines in mind. Users can delete all of the stored data directly via the app. All information is of course always encrypted and only visible during an active alarm.

Mobile alerting - swift and reliable

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