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Asylum shelters

Asylum seekers are faced with particular challenges.  Different interests collide in asylum shelters. It is important to coordinate the needs and interests of clients, social workers, security forces, asylum residents and authorities. The information situation and documentation play a special role.  Events and emergencies in particular must be communicated securely as quickly as possible and within the specified time.

Documentation of all events

All events must be recorded in an audit-proof manner. With EVALARM, all events can be conveniently recorded via a mobile device (APP) or the web-based cockpit.  


Personnel changes and the associated training of new employees also pose additional challenges for those responsible.

This requires a fast and high-quality flow of information, because this is the only way that everyone involved can be ready for action at the right time in the right place. However, the organization is usually carried out in the same way, which makes it difficult and does not make the necessary information immediately available to those involved. In many cases, this results in an overload of employees. 

These processes often take place in the public eye, which further increases the pressure on the institutions. A lack of the necessary resources such as time or suitable technology slows down the continuous further development of processes. EVALARM supports you in increasing the competence of your employees with the help of these resources and in mastering all future requirements. 

EVALARM digitizes and standardizes the daily processes in asylum accommodation. Those responsible in the facilities receive time-critical information and alarms in real time. Communication with employees can be expanded through the immediate flow of information, so that their skills and the general situation are significantly improved.

Contact is also made easier for residents, as they have the option of registering using the guest function in EVALARM and reporting problems immediately. This saves time and, in an emergency, leads to a faster solution to the conflict. 

All information and alarms come together in the control center. They can be viewed and evaluated centrally. As a result, the control center provides an up-to-date overview of the time and place of all events at your company locations. 

Our platform enables standardized security tours to be carried out in the facilities. Tours and inspection rounds can be followed live and anomalies can be reported immediately. In this way, those responsible are able to identify emerging problems at an early stage and to react to them. The documentation in the sense of the obligation to provide evidence to authorities and clients is digitalized.

The connection of technical systems is crucial for holistic emergency management based on the latest technology. We offer the possibility of integrating technical systems into our system and processing their signals. Emergency scenarios such as first aid, fire, evacuation or SOS alarms can be digitized via a smartphone or PC, which makes it much easier to handle. 

EVALARM supports you in ensuring the safety of residents and employees in the asylum shelters and in increasing the quality of your service.  





EVALARM digitizes and standardizes the daily processes in asylum accommodation. The same applies to the distribution of tasks and documents. Tours and inspection tours that require documentation can be standardized and carried out easily using the smartphone.
  These functionalities result in both relief for employees and an improvement in the general quality of work.  The web cockpit gives a live overview of all events and alarms.

The guest function offers the possibility of communication with asylum residents. These can register themselves and be specifically integrated into the alarm.

Since every second decides in an emergency, we rely on the connection of technical systems. Our system processes the information from fire alarm systems and other technical systems.

The integration of fire brigades and fire brigade maps is a decisive added value. The forwarding of all fire incidents takes place without delay. At the same time, the emergency services receive a digital overview of the corresponding fire brigade route maps including the reporting location. This eliminates the need to search for the right ticket and the assignment starts without delay.



Improve competence through digitization

- know what's going on

- where is more happening

- ranks 

- Duty to provide information

- standardization and digitization
- to provide time-critical information flow

- tours
- Monitoring (evaluation of events)
- prioritization of tasks
- preventive measures
- Inform HQ
- Compliance with the contract

- Technical equipment
- communication with the residents of the home (report problems
- Quality improvement, relief for employees, legal security,
- PR department


Hardly any other area is given so little time to prepare for the upcoming challenges as asylum shelters and refugee homes.

The requirements of a functional administration must be implemented and the participants organized and coordinated within a very short time.  


everyday life

Ensuring that everything runs smoothly has top priority every day. This requires precise coordination and organization of residents, social workers and security forces. 
This is only possible if everyone involved is in the right place at the right time.

Cultural, linguistic and situational conflicts are the order of the day and present employees and those involved with further challenges. Every incident must be documented in the sense of the information obligation and forwarded to the responsible authorities. 

There is no room for errors here, all problems and events are quickly in the public eye. 

EVALARM helps you to master the tasks that arise and to ensure the flow of information between the actors.  


Implemented  Scenarios

  • Security & service tours

  • Employee information 

  • Home residents information

  • Fire alerting

  • SOS alarm 

  • Property damage

  • First aid

  • Alerting emergency services

  • Burglary / theft 

  • Convene crisis team

  • Alerting the PR department

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