Technology Partners

In order to be prepared for future requirements of modern emergency management, EVALARM cooperates with a group of selected technological partners. Our customers profit from this strong network of industry specialists. 

The groundbreaking emergency management and early warning system WES REACT was developed in cooperation with the leading manufacturer for mobile fire alarm systems from the UK to protect construction sites, events and old structures.

​Modern fire safety starts in the planning phase. EVALARM supports fire safety in all phases of the building circle together with the innovative engineering office.


As partner of the RXSK platform, EVALARM strives to participate in the future of digital security concepts. With the help of this network it is possible to create mutual synergies that will shape the vision of a secure future.

As a consulting expert, Swiss Platinum consults on the strategic direction of EVALARM, also in Austria and Switzerland.

The cooperation with this developer of modern fire safety equipment enables customers to react swiftly and efficiently after detecting a threat. Everybody knows in real-time how the situation is developing and what is to do.


ESB Solutions

ESB Solutions is the expert for mobile alarm systems and the groundbreaking REACT system in Germany.


Mobile alerting - swift and reliable